» » » Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Bernar Venet Edition

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Bernar Venet Edition
Bugatti has introduced a Veyron Grand Sport outfitted by French sculptor Bernar Venet just in time for Art Basel Miami. The artist paid tribute to the science behind the Veyron by applying a layer of film on the car itself featuring mathematical formulas that calculate the power of the Bugatti engine, both on the outside and the interior of the partially open-top model.

“A Bugatti is already a work of art in itself, one that transports both its beholder and its driver into new dimensions of reality. I realized how I could translate my passion for mathematical equations and scientific treatises into three-dimensional form,” says Venet.

This unique Bugatti will be on display as part of the Rubell Family Collection in Miami during Art Basel from December 6 through 9.

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