» » » Akira-Inspired All Electric 75 MPH zecOO mOtOrcycle

Znug Design's sustainable ode to the most famous bike in manga

Zecco electric motorcycle

Taking some serious cues from the most famous motorcycle in manga, the zecOO mOtOrcycle from Japan’s Znug Design is one of the more headturning electric motorcycles to have left the EV dream studio.

Zecco electric motorcycle side 1

Zecco electric motorcycle rear wheel

Zecco electric motorcycle Belt chain

Zecco electric motorcycle platform

Loosely inspired by Tetsuo Shima’s famed motorcycle in Akira, the zecOO is only matched in futuristic looks by the likes of the Mission One. Featuring a single-sided front hub and rear swingarm, carbon fiber fenders and curved raked windshield, the bike has enough performance to match its looks. Carrying a 28 horsepower, 46ft.lbs of torque motor with enough juice to reach 75mph, the zecOO mOtOrcycle still boasts an 85 mile range — and a recharge time of around five hours. Pre-order yous now for only around $70,000.

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