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Latest 2-wheeler from Australian builder's Sydney workshop

Kawasaki W650 side

Australian custom motorcycle builders Deus (or Deus Ex Machina) are rolling out a new bike called “Gicleur” from their Sydney workshop. In French, “gicleur” means “jet”, a nod to the nozzle on an espresso machine that governs the water flow and this bike’s not letting anything sloppy pass it.
Kawasaki W650 side rear

Kawasaki W650 fronty side

Kawasaki W650 gas tank

Kawasaki W650 speedometer

Built from the frame of a Kawasaki W650, the Gicleur’s donor W650 has been “given a double shot of top shelf components” which include a custom performance exhaust, one off Tingate clip-on bars, and a custom battery box. The battery is now hidden under the swingarm mount, giving a more agile and clean look to the bike. Adding to the slenderness of the motorcycle are the blacked-out mechanicals with a classic cream brown and white paint job, perhaps another ode to its coffee roots. Dig through the Gallery for close-ups of Deus Ex Machina’s Gicleur.

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