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magpul ronin concept motorcycle

Three years ago we covered the Magpul Ronin, a stunning 2-wheeled concept based on the Buell 1125R and transformed into a dark robotic stalker. Well news has hit that Magpul is ramping up into production with its Ronin motorcycle, with only 47 bikes to be built — each hand-built bike will be issued a name (instead of a serial number) that corresponds with each of the 47 Ronin of ancient Japanese lore. The Magpul Ronin features a girder front suspension, linkage fork with Penske coil-over monoshock, and front mounted radiator, plus streetfighter-style looks a bit reminiscent of the Confederate Wraith. An initial release of 10 bikes will begin delivery in mid-2013 in the original silver and black trim, starting at $38,000. Later on multiple incarnations will be developed, with pricing corresponding to their finish and features. Good to see an outside-the-box concept like the Magpul Ronin actually see the light of day

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